We Endorsed This?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catching Up Pt.1

"It can take a long time to become an overnight sensation" - Laura Blackman (Mommy)

-"We Endorsed This??" brought to you by Prima Concepts and Gr8 Society, is veryveryvery close to finished. So close, in fact...that an unmixed version has leaked.

I'm not mad; I think that's awesome...

It was gonna be up for free download anyway on thinkprima.com and gr8society.com (i know we're in a recession, but this is a very good time to go shopping!!), and it still will on Nov.4. However, there are certainly going to be some changes to the general flow of the mixtape now...I'm now putting different guests, verses, beats, songs, skits, etc. on the mixtape...however, don't expect anything too drastic...although there is an existing version of the mixtape (which is pretty dope as it is, as i've heard from people who've gotten the leaked version), there's still a lot of work to do before November 4th.

MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME, OR MY MIXTAPE IS THE ELECTION. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE 18 BY NOV.4, YOU MUST REGISTER TO, AND VOTE. YOU ARE A STUPID, IGNORANT, I-DON'T-WANT-YOU-TO-BE-MY-FAN (just kidding, just trying to make a point ;-)) KIND OF PERSON IF YOU ARE ABLE TO VOTE, AND NOT VOTING. I AM VERY MUCH INTO BARACK OBAMA; BUT, IF YOU REALLY CAN'T DECIDE, JUST VOTE FOR NADER AND HAND OVER A THIRD CONSECUTIVE ELECTION...I know I shouldn't be trying to sway the base and all that...but, we've got ONE choice...it's not a hard decision...I'm actually proud of Palin's performance last night; it wasn't hilarious...but, still, it's not enough..she only did well, on her standards..


I'm working out a bunch of other things out with this mixtape that aren't even music related. I have Wayne Sun (Gr8 Society) exhaling kick-ass designs for the mixtape art. Gr8+Prima are talking about things to sell along with the mixtape (times is hard...gotta get that cake up); and I'm working on 3 other musical projects.

I'm trying to get gigs, but nobody really wants to book an unknown, non-band act; and i don't blame them. My band, Cuz I Wanna is going to release our EP "Sick With the Chill" very soon. We didn't have enough time to pump an album out before we all left to go to different schools; but SWC is a very dope, 5 track album that will be available for free download veryvery soon. I'm sorry I'm releasing so much "hold you over-type shit" right now...but, shouldn't I be focusing on my studies right now? I wrote this entry in Math class! Anyway, I can't wait to start doing shows with the band...cuz that's always cooler.

This feels like it's low; but he who never asks, never gets ("Catcher in the Rye" quote. Yes, I read it, it's kind of like my "Catcher in the Rye"lol)...my number is 347 702 1738..if you have information about a gig, let me know. Right now, I can perform with a DJ, and do sets anywhere up to 45 minutes long without my band. I'm looking to perform as Overactive Hiatus with Producer/MC/OtherHalfOfOveractiveHiatus, Brendan Conley, serving as my DJ.

Speaking of Overactive Hiatus...we're pretty deep into that album. I can't really give too many details, but we've conceived about 20 songs together...and maybe 5 of them will make it to the album. I'm sorry for the delays (we told Riverdale it would have been out by the summer...oops), but we care. You'll thank us later. There are songs here and on my myspace (myspace.com/sterilizer if you don't know) that we've done together, but I don't know what they are except "Think" and "Yall Could Stare"...I don't know, cuz I don't really hang out here, on my fanpage (but don't get it twisted, I love me some me (you only have 78 fans loser, shut up))...All this is just banter until I spit out the point...you probably won't be hearing too much about Overactive Hiatus in product form (meaning, you will hear us live and direct (CUNY/SUNY tour? (stz in China? (wtf??!?)))) until about Spring '09 to coincide with the launch of Gr8 Society's pilot line. I'm really excited about Gr8, cuz it's great. Great quality, straight out of Harajuku, Japan...If you know anything about fashion and Asia...or Gwen Stefani's first album...that's where you want to have your line produced.Samples and info about preorders on Gr8 is available here;


Okay, mention mixtape, check; overactive hiatus, check, cuz i wanna, halfCheck...ah, that's it. Cuz I Wanna is releasing that "hold you over" tape soon, but we're working on an album (from Long Distance (possible album title?)), that we're looking to release over the Summer of '09...or Christmas of this year...which is when I'll be heading to China...I'll be blogging about that...I think I'm a blogger now...I like writing everything so I have nothing to say....TANGENT

but wait, there's more

I'm working on a solo album too, that will probably never be finished...don't look for it, don't look forward to it. it's the new detox, without nearly as much hype...RIP Andre Young Jr. (did anybody ever hear what the cause of death was, btw?) Production on that album is rumored to be coming from Ben Lewis (dope producer out of Dallas, TX...currently a student of Loyola University in NO), Brendan Conley (ya tu sabes...and he's from Riverdale, NY), Cuz I Wanna, Siyaka Taylo-Lewis, Luke Hartman (VA's John Mayer x Sondre Lerche), ItsTheNew aka !!! (Harlem's J Dilla), Tracy Morgan Jr. (Yeah, Tracy Morgan the hilarious nigga's son...Riverdale is where it's at fool) and maybe even myself. Guest MC/Singers are again, rumored to include Sydney Reynolds, Cause, Sky, Brendan Conley, Alisa Alexander, Enigma In A Conundrum, and some other really cool people...This list of guests is, onceAgain, rumored to be my way of inviting people to jump on this project...as I have only asked maybe 3 of the people I've listed to work with me...so, yeah...rumors, yo!

Alright, now, I'm just gonna end it right here...I don't think I would have read this far...so, I don't expect many of you to, there's a lot of other things I'm working on...but, like I said, I think I'm a blogger now, so I'll be back. Anyone who has read this far, please post a response of some sort...it might get you some free merch! but based on the fact that all my merch is free right now, that can't mean much to you...whatever, I'm out...

Gangsigns (It's like "aloha"),
Sterling Wadsworth

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