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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catching Up Pt.2

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I made a mixtape. You're welcome.
It's on gr8society.com and it's free. And I think you should download it now...because one day it might cost some money...but, I just say that to scare you...It will always be free...and so will everything I release...Until I am in the business of selling records...

Speaking of everything I release. I've got 8 coming between Jan '09 and March '10. And while I'm sure I shouldn't expose my plans to avoid disappointing people...it sounds pretty plannish to me.

We Endorsed This? Was a pretty douchey move on my part...but I've been getting nothing but good feedback...thanks guys. But, seriously...tell me what you think could be better. I'll pretend to hate you when you're saying it, but I'll appreciate it in the long run. August knows what I'm talking about.

What a fucking digression...W.E.T. was a douche move because it wasn't made for any upcoming album. It was made for 8 upcoming releases...but, I promise to annoy you with the "hold you over" theme of the next few releases. If you liked WET, you have nothing to worry about. If you thought WET sucked because only 9/22 tracks had original beats...you have nothing to worry about. And if you thought my dope ass rhymes sucked...You probably don't have too much to worry about. WET is the fastest thing I've ever done. I conceived the shit in August, and didn’t start recording FOR IT until late September. I then went on to sneeze out 18 tracks, 3 of which didn’t make the cut. One was too good for a mixtape, one was too bad to be on my mixtape, and one was more controversial than WET wants to be. So 15 brand new joints + 7 premeditated joints = We Endorsed This? To release it on Election Day, I was recording on November 1st.

But back to the plannishness.
Cuz I Wanna is totally Healthy With the Heat right now…we’re going to release the “Sick With the Chill EP” in January. So, all the false dates I gave you (remember August 15, 2008?) were wrong…and I’m sorry that I want to give you hot music. We have sketches of everything…so, when the band gets back together for Thanksgiving, we’ll just polish everything…mix it up, stuff like that…and then release it on Gr8society.com in January. I know that it’s messed up that it’ll be made in November, and you wont hear it til 2009, so, I MIGHT add a couple bonus tracks from upcoming joints. But, nobody knows…

The next release…is one you can’t call mine…but if it wins any awards…I’ll win awards. As mentioned on “Cuz It’s A Mixtape” (Track10). I’m currently writing lyrics for a female artist. She’s young, stressed out (College Apps), and powerful…amongst other things…basically, everyone will like her…for oh so many reasons. Yes, that’s my way of saying you’re a beautiful girl, Av’—but I’m sure you knew that—basically, it’s the first Overactive Hiatus release, as B-Con is mashing the vast majority of the beats out. Ben Lewis doesn’t know it yet, but he’s working on it too…You should really read this, son! Oh yeah, it’s basically a demo/EP kind of thing. So, expect it to be like the most sexual half hour of your life or something like that. To get a preview that I have nothing to do with, go to http://youtube.com/enigmainaconundrum

I imagine that it could drop around March ’09

Seriously, after Sick, I’ll seriously be on Overactive Hiatus. B-Con and I are doing two EPs before the LP drops in May. There will be an Overactive Mixtape, and a Hiatus Mixtape. The Hiatus is practically done, and the Overactive has been ironically put on Hiatus, but that’ll change soon. Hiatus is the more laid-back, Beers In Peace type ‘ish; while the Overactive is…nothing you’ve heard form us, yet. J

Basically, the EPs are hot songs…that weren’t hot enough to be on the Overactive Hiatus LP. The LP is going to be 10-13 tracks…and we’re really doing our F**KING JOBS on that. But, it’s far from done. There’s so much work left to do. This starting to sound a lot like that entry I wrote that nobody read except Zack and my aunt…so, I’ll make it shorter…niggas is making plans…but it’s hard to do everything while in school…in order the 8 releases are

1. January 2009 – Cuz I Wanna – Sick With the Chill
2. February/March – Avneet Ghuman x Overactive Hiatus – Untitled R&B Project
3. February/March – Overactive Hiatus – The Hiatus EP
4. April – Overactive Hiatus – The Overactive EP
5. May – Overactive Hiatus – Untitled LP
6. September – Cuz I Wanna – Long Distance LP
7. December – Solo – Untitled Mixtape
8. 1st Quarter 2010 – Solo – Awkward Silence LP

No more secrets,

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