We Endorsed This?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Kinda Like a Liar Type Stuff

Don't pay attention to any of the releases I've announced. Don't expect anything in particular, just expect like, mad releases to come from me in 2009. What you can certainly look forward to (God willing) are:

1. Avneet (youtube.com/enigmainaconundrum) x Overactive Hiatus untitled R&B project
2. Overactive Hiatus EP
3. Overactive Hiatus LP
4. Cuz I Wanna - Sick With the Chill EP
5. Cuz I Wanna LP - Long Distance

No solo projects for a while.

And if it wasn't clear in the catch up portion, I'm Sterling Wadsworth. I rap real good. People give me clothes for that (Thinkprima.com and Gr8society.com). We recently dropped a bumass mixtape called "We Endorsed This?" that is pretty dope.

I'm part of a couple groups.
Overactive Hiatus - Hip Hop ensemble consisting of myself on the lyrics and Brendan Conley on the beats/lyrics (myspace.com/bconlyrical)

Cuz I Wanna - Superdope band consisting of myself on the vox, Sterling Clarke (yeah, there's another one) on the bass, Michael Amador on the Guitar, and Marc Szalkiewicz (I can't pronounce it either) on the Drums/Guitar.

Something Else Entertainment - It's a hub. Myself, and anything I'm a part of is part of Something Else. And any artist thats superdown with me is down with it too. But, it doesn't make any money yet.

So yeah, I got a blog now...that's cool.

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